Pax & Benefica Presents

Coffee & Discourse

The purpose?
Simply, to facilitate powerful conversations.

Coffee is more

Coffee is more than a start to your morning. More than a caffeinated drink.

Coffee is a bridge.





To have purposeful conversations with well meaning intentions.

How it Works

If you invite someone with a contrasting
viewpoint to our cafe,

And mention Coffee & Discourse when you order, 

We will provide a “buy one get get one free”, on us.

Pax & Beneficia Means Peace and Blessings.

Peace and blessings cannot truly be achieved without pursuing meaningful human connections.

Let us use Coffee & Discourse to learn from each other.

Helping us bridge the gap and connect with our fellow man or woman. 

Be it a friend, family member, neighbor, or coworker.

Whether it be race, religion, politics, or any other topic--let us enjoy coffee (or any other drink) as we build bridges and become better, together. 

Coffee & Discourse

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